Midwest City, Oklahoma

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Tha harm was done. So here I am, walking on the suburbs of Midwest, Oklahoma City. With my poor and funy english, I’ve already noticed how my thoughts are changed

Mwell.. wanted to say that my promised drawing is transforming into something bigger. Its not enough to draw, for my feelings to express themselved and be showned. I just started to write, for the first time I write directly in english. Don’t remember saying that yup, I am a writer, mostly poems, but also a novel and other short stories. I dont write as a career or for fame, its the only way sometime I can cope with my deep emotions. Other way, they could consume me. I guess you know that, as a saggitarius.

So, here I am, listening to Joan Baez and Towns van Zandt, and making you a character in my book. Drinking the second coffee already, supposingly working at a website (I am a programmer), not ashamed to tell that my eyes are kind of wet – neither from sadness, neither from happiness – but for the simple fact that I am and I feel. And that feeling is now like a warm and liquid honey, pouring from my chest into the stomach, a hot spring that made me closely watch my hands…

…my fingers, observing how this fleshly form that I have is so perfect and for that perfection,…that perfection is the reason making me having compasion, making me loving all human beeings, with or without freckles, with deep black eyes like yours or brown like chocolates, like mines. Because we all share the same form, and it must be true that we also share same feelings, a sharing that can’t be yet described or defined by physics or psychology, but by something more simple – the original silence knowed today as meditation by budist monks, knowed as prayer by christians, knowed as great spirits by the people from first nations, oh, how grateful and happy I am with this power – to feel

Dragos Serban

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