Epic songs from Romania and Kurdistan (dengbêj kilam and baladă)

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Alexandru Cercel – Chira Chiralina

“Chira Chiralina” performed by Alexandru Cercel (vocal & fiddle) and Ion Niţoi (folk lute / “cobză”). Romanian archaic ballad from Wallachia, Muntenia area.

Şeroyê Biro – Wey lo lo

The dengbêj is the member of Kurdish society who collects and recollects all the social, political, economical, and personal events of Kurdish villages and cities and organizes these all into a form of recitation. The topics of a dengbêj’s kilams (songs), which can last from hours to days, generally include: the heroic deeds of warriors (pêlewan), the adventures of wanderers, battles, tragedies and delights of loves won and loves lost, and the struggle against disasters of nature and man.

Dragos Serban

Cuvântător, agricultor, antreprenor, muncitor, visător, cititor, ascultător, departe călător.