My feelings for you

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My feelings for you
signs built from the left to the right
meticulous, careful and rigorous, patient
with their meaning –
sometimes virgin like a saint young and white,
sometimes lusting, indecent and daring
like you sitting naked in our morning-night
of one thousand and one colors
when you spread light and monarch butterflies
winged with your colorful thoughts
endless like you, freckled goddess
with white belly white breast and opalescent thighs –
we meet time to time, eight hours ahead, eight hours behind
through our soul, our destiny and our restless lives
my words are like wind
there is something healing about the wind,
you once said,
calling me to your plain
from the left to the right
with my feelings to you, when purple, when white,
when sinful and wet, when holy and bright.

Cuvântător, agricultor, antreprenor, muncitor, visător, cititor, ascultător, departe călător. Îndrăgostit de popoarele din jurul Mării Negre și din Asia Centrală.